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Our grab hire in Knutsford provides convenient and environmentally responsible waste removal for residential and commercial clients. No matter the size of the job, our grab hire offering allows for the scheduled collection and proper disposal of any unwanted materials in an eco-friendly way. We take pride in delivering the most competitively priced grab hire solutions throughout Cheshire while exceeding customer expectations through our dedicated service commitment.

If you require a grab hire in Knutsford for your upcoming construction project, please call us now at 01270 257118 or request a quote using our online form. One of our experienced members from the Knutsford grab hire team will be happy to assist you and guide you through the process of booking a grab hire service.

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Why Choose Our Grab Hire in Knutsford Service?

Cheshire Grab Hire


A Knutsford grab lorry offers unparalleled versatility in handling various types of waste materials. Whether it’s construction debris, garden top soil, or bulky items, a grab lorry can efficiently collect and remove different types of rubbish, making it a versatile solution for diverse projects.

Reduce Labour- Hire a Cheshire Grab Lorry


When you hire a Knutsford grab lorry, it comes equipped with hydraulic grab arms, allowing for quick and efficient loading of waste materials directly onto the lorry. Our Grab Hire in Knutsford service eliminate the need for manual labour or additional machinery, reducing the time and workforce required for the removal process.

Extendable Grab Lorry Reach - Cheshire Grab Lorry


The extendable reach of the grab arm enables access to areas that may be challenging for traditional skip bins or manual labour. Extendable grab arms are particularly beneficial for construction sites or projects with limited space, where manoeuvring large skips or accessing tight corners can be difficult.

Reduce Waste Disposal Cost with a Grab Lorry Hire


Grab lorries offer a cost-effective solution for rubbish removal. The efficient loading process reduces the time required for waste removal, translating to cost savings. Additionally, grab lorries can handle large volumes of waste in a single trip, minimising the need for multiple journeys compared to smaller vehicles.

Reduce Project Time, with a Cheshire Grab Hire


The speed at which a Grab Hire in Knutsford service can load and remove waste contributes significantly to time savings on construction or landscaping projects. This efficiency is crucial when working within tight project timelines, ensuring that waste gets swiftly and effectively cleared.

Reduce Environmental Impact By Using a Grab Lorry

Environmental Impact

Grab lorries are designed with the environment in mind. Many providers, including environmentally conscious companies, implement recycling practices, ensuring that a significant portion of collected waste gets recycled rather than having waste sent to landfills. This process aligns with sustainable waste management practices.

No Permits Required for a Cheshire Grab Lorry Hire

No Permits Required

Unlike other rubbish removal methods, using a grab lorry often does not require additional permits. Our Grab Hire in Knutsford service simplifies the logistics of waste removal and helps streamline the overall process, saving both time and administrative efforts.

Grab Lorry Used For Any Size of Project

All Project Sizes

Whether you are undertaking a small-scale residential project or a large commercial construction endeavour, a grab lorry can adapt to different project sizes. The flexibility in capacity makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, providing a convenient solution regardless of the project’s scale.

Minimal Disruption with a Grab Lorry Service in Cheshire

Minimised Disruption

The extendable reach of the grab arm enables access to areas that may be challenging for traditional skip bins or manual labour. Extendable grab arms are particularly beneficial for construction sites or projects with limited space, where manoeuvring large skips or accessing tight corners can be difficult.

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Grab Hire in Knutsford Service Area

Acer Plant and Grab Hire extend their reliable grab lorry services across key locations in Knutsford, ensuring accessibility and convenience for various projects. Our commitment to efficient waste removal and customer satisfaction is reflected in our widespread service coverage, encompassing major areas such as:

No matter where you live in Cheshire, you can always be certain of cost-effective grab-lorry hire backed with over 30 years of experience.

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Cheshire Grab Hire - Grab Lorry

Grab Hire in Cheshire

Hire a grab lorry today for waste removal in Cheshire and Staffordshire.

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Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

We are dedicated to conducting operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. When utilising our grab hire services, rest assured that we handle your waste responsibly and in compliance with legal requirements.

Why Choose Acer Plant Hire?

Acer Plant Hire, a family-owned business with over 30 years in the industry, is committed to outstanding customer service and customised plant hire services for various projects and construction needs. Building strong relationships with each customer, whether domestic or commercial, is key to our success.

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Whar Our Clients Say


Female Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Grab Hire Service for Driveway Waste

Mrs Khan (Bucknall)

They came early, removed all the driveway waste, even swept the pavement. I would always recommend Jack from Acer Plant.

Male Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Muck Away Service for New Build

Gary P (Cheshire)

Joe and his team are amazing at what they do . Their grab and tippers service are an essential part of all our projects.

Male Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Grab Hire in Knutsford

Eddy Davies (Fenton)

Spot on Service, called for a grab hire in Fenton. They were there in a few hours to remove the garden waste. I definitely recommend their grab hire service, Thank you lads.

Female Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Grab Hire in Macclesfield

Pat Boon (Macclesfield)

They were a recommendation and worked out cheaper than a skip. We have used them 3 times now in our extension project. Thank you, Jack, for being so efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A grab hire in Knutsford involves renting specialised lorries equipped with hydraulic arms for efficient waste collection. Unlike skip hire, grab lorries can reach and collect waste from challenging locations.

All towns and villages in Cheshire are covered by our Grab Hire in Knutsford service, including Crewe, Macclesfield, Wilmslow, Alderley Edge, Sandbach, and Knutsford.  Not to mention other locations across Staffordshire like Biddulph, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Stoke-on-Trent, Wolstanton and Longton.

If you need a grab hire in Stoke-on-Trent call our team on 01270 256 118 for a quote today

Knutsford grab trucks can handle a wide range of waste, including rubble, soil, concrete, timber, and green waste like trees, hedges, and bushes.

While versatile, grab lorries may have limitations. Materials like hazardous waste may not be suitable for grab hire. It’s essential to check with the service provider for specific restrictions. If you are uncertain about the types of waste that can be collected through our Knutsford grab hire service, you may contact our office on 01270 256 118

Acer Plant and Grab Hire cater to residential and commercial customers. Whether it’s a garden, driveway waste clean-up or a large construction project, our grab-hire services are versatile and will accommodate your requirements. 

Booking a grab hire in Knutsford service is easy. Simply contact Acer Plant and Grab Hire at 01270 256 118 or email Our team will assist you in scheduling the service based on your requirements or give you a great quote on a Knutsford grab lorry hire.

Yes, Our Grab Hire in Knutsford service prioritises environmental sustainability. Collected waste is transported to a recycling and tipping facility, contributing to responsible waste management.

Yes, All Knutsford grab lorries are equipped to lift waste over obstacles like hedges and walls without causing damage to the surrounding property.

Quotes for a grab hire in Knutsford are based on factors such as the type of load, your location, and hourly or day rates. For a non-obligation quote, contact Acer Plant and Grab on 01270 256 118 with your specific waste removal requirements.

About Knutsford

Knutsford, a serene and historic town in the county of Cheshire, England, is nestled in the heart of the Cheshire countryside. Its picturesque streets, adorned with period buildings and steeped in rich heritage, offer a tranquil escape from the bustling city life. Here are some key facts about this peaceful haven, Knutsford:


Knutsford dates back to the 13th century when Edward I granted it a Royal Charter in 1292. It was originally an important coaching town between London and Liverpool, attracting many travellers and contributing to its prosperity.


The town centre is designated as a conservation area, and it has many buildings dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries. Notable examples include the Grade I listed Nether Knutsford Old Town Hall, the Grade II* listed Ye Olde Nags Head, and the charming Half-Timbered buildings along King Street and Princess Street.

Literary Connections

Knutsford is strongly associated with the famous novelist Elizabeth Gaskell, who was born and raised in the town. Her novel “Cranford” is widely believed to be based on Knutsford, and the town celebrates its literary heritage with events and attractions related to her work.

Tatton Park

On the outskirts of Knutsford lies the impressive Tatton Park, a historic estate with a neo-classical mansion, deer park, and extensive gardens. It is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Cheshire and hosts various events throughout the year.


Despite its small size, Knutsford is a spirited community that delivers a range of amenities, including independent shops, cafes, restaurants, and pubs. The town comes alive on Saturdays with a lively market, and various festivals and events, such as the annual RHS Flower Show and the Knutsford Music Festival, foster a sense of belonging and camaraderie among its residents and visitors. Transport Links: Knutsford is well-connected, with a railway station on the Mid-Cheshire Line, providing direct links to cities like Manchester and Chester. The town is also conveniently located near major motorways, including the M6 and M56.


According to the 2011 census, Knutsford had a population of around 13,000, making it a relatively small but thriving town within the broader Cheshire region.

Knutsford’s unique blend of rural charm, history and architecture has made it a popular destination for visitors and a desirable place to live. Its well-preserved heritage and picturesque surroundings contribute to its reputation as one of the most attractive towns in Cheshire.