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Acer’s low loader hire emerges as the prime option for moving heavy machinery, equipment, materials, and more in Cheshire. We hire low loaders to meet various heavy-duty transportation needs, accompanied by a highly skilled and experienced low loader haulage driver to ensure the precise delivery of your goods to anywhere in the UK.

The cutting-edge vehicles we utilise for low loader hire in Cheshire distinguish us from the competition. Our fail-safe, efficient, and well-engineered low loaders epitomise the best in heavy-duty transportation. Opting for our low loader hire assures you of a prestigious and well-recognised service without compromising pricing.

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What is A Low Loader?

A low loader, also known by various other names, is a specialised type of trailer designed for transporting heavy and oversized loads, typically machinery, equipment, or industrial components. It is characterised by its low deck height, allowing for the easy loading and unloading of tall or heavy cargo. Some other names commonly used for a low loader include:

  1. Lowboy Trailer: This term is frequently used in North America to refer to a low loader.
  2. Float Trailer: In some regions, particularly in the UK and Australia, a low loader may be referred to as a float trailer.
  3. Drop Deck Trailer: The deck of a low loader is often dropped, creating a lower profile and facilitating the transportation of taller items.
  4. Double Drop Trailer: This refers to a low loader with a deck that drops both in the front and rear, providing even more space for tall cargo.
  5. Lowbed Trailer: Similar to lowboy, this term is often used interchangeably with low loader in various regions.

Low Loader Uses

Our low loader hire in caters to various industries in the UK, excelling in transporting irregular-sized goods such as pipes and large cable reels. The extended length of our low loaders ensures capability and safety in handling challenging loads. Beyond irregular-sized goods, our services accommodate taller loads and heavy machinery like cranes and bulldozers.
Acer Plant’s commitment to quality and safety distinguishes us in Cheshire’s transportation landscape. Our low loader hire safeguards the integrity of transported items without compromising quality. Explore the comprehensive solutions for heavy and irregular-sized goods with our low loader hire services in the UK.

Types Of Equipment & Machinery Transported

There are several types of machinery that can be transported on a low loader trailer:

low loader hire for excavators


Low loaders are commonly used to transport excavators like backhoes, diggers, etc. The excavator sits on the trailer secured for transportation.

low loader hire for bulldozers


Bulldozers and other earth-moving equipment are often hauled on lowboy trailers from job site to job site. Their weight and size require a low trailer to load and unload.

low loader hire for cranes


Mobile cranes, both all-terrain and truck-mounted, are moved on low loader trailers. The crane can drive or get winched onto the trailer. You may need to remove Outriggers and counterweights before transportation.

low loader hire for Forklift trucks


Larger forklifts and telehandlers that won’t safely drive on roads can be loaded onto low loader trailers. The forks and attachments are removed and secured separately.

low loader hire for power boiler plants


Large industrial or power plant boilers are commonly transported on low loaders since they are very heavy and oversized. Special permitting is required.

low loader hire for


Electrical transformers, switchgear and substations can be hauled on low-loader trailers when they need to be moved or replaced. Their weight necessitates a low trailer.

low loader hire for wind turbine and blade tansportation


Low loaders are used to transport large turbines for power generation, wind farms, etc. Blade widths often exceed road limits.

low loader hire for compactors

Construction Equipment

Any oversized construction machinery like pavers, compactors, and concrete pumps may require a low loader trailer for transport if they can’t be driven on roads safely. Oversized loads will require special permitting.

Grab Hire in Cheshire

Low Loader Service Locations

Acer Plant and Grab Hire have expanded their dependable low loader hire services nationwide, guaranteeing ease of access and convenience for various projects. Our commitment to efficiently transport machinery and equipment and customer satisfaction is reflected in our widespread service coverage, encompassing major areas such as:

No matter where in the United Kingdom you are located, When you search for a low loader hire near me, you can always be certain of low cost low loader service backed with over 30 years of experience.

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Why Choose Our Low Loader Hire?

Acer Plant Hire, a family-owned business with over 30 years in the industry, is committed to outstanding customer service and customised low loader hire services for various projects and construction needs. Building strong relationships with each customer, whether domestic or commercial, is key to our success.

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Female Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Grab Hire Service for Driveway Waste

Mrs Khan (Bucknall)

They came early, removed all the driveway waste, even swept the pavement. I would always recommend Jack from Acer Plant.

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Gary P (Cheshire)

Joe and his team are amazing at what they do . Their grab and tippers service are an essential part of all our projects.

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Spot on Service, called for a grab hire in Fenton. They were there in a few hours to remove the garden waste. I definitely recommend their grab hire service, Thank you lads.

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Pat Boon (Macclesfield)

They were a recommendation and worked out cheaper than a skip. We have used them 3 times now in our extension project. Thank you, Jack, for being so efficient.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have a range of low loader trailers capable of carrying everything from excavators to cranes to industrial equipment. We have low loaders with varying deck lengths and weight capacities.

We are based in Crewe, Cheshire but provide low loader hire services throughout the UK including cities like Manchester, Birmingham, London, Leeds, Liverpool, Sheffield Glasgow and Cardiff. 

Yes, our drivers are highly experienced, trained, and hold the necessary licenses to operate low loaders. Safety and professionalism are our top priorities.

We recommend hiring our low loader service as early as possible to secure availability. However, we understand that some situations require urgent transportation, and we’ll do our best to accommodate your needs.

Yes, we can assist with acquiring any necessary permits for oversized or exceedingly heavy loads being transported on our low loaders.

 Our low loaders are for on-road use only.  However, if you require an off-road trailer, please get in touch. We may be able to still help.

We can provide load securement supplies like chains, binders, and blocks for an additional fee. Our team can also secure the load at our depot if needed.

Our low loaders can handle heavy and oversized loads up to 150 tonnes. Please provide detailed load specifications so we can ensure the appropriate trailer is used for transportation.

You can hire our low loader service by contacting our haulage team via phone or email. When contacting our team, please provide details about your load, pick-up, and delivery locations.