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Are you in need of a reliable and efficient tipper truck hire service for your construction, landscaping, or earth-moving projects in Cheshire? Look no further than our comprehensive tipper truck hire solutions.

Acer is a Crewe based construction waste company specialising in Tipper Hire and grab lorry hire service tailored specifically for Staffordshire and Cheshire’s dynamic projects. Our tipper hire service is key to hassle-free waste removal, efficient site management, and environmentally friendly practices.

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What is Tipper Truck?

A tipper truck, also known as a dump truck or dumper truck, is a specialised vehicle designed for transporting and unloading bulk materials, such as sand, gravel, construction debris, or other loose materials. The primary purpose of a tipper truck is to facilitate the efficient and controlled unloading of its cargo.

Key features of a tipper truck include a hydraulic lifting mechanism for the cargo bed or dump body. This mechanism allows the entire bed to be tilted or raised at an angle, effectively “tipping” the load and depositing it at the desired location. The ability to unload materials in a controlled manner is particularly valuable in construction, mining, and various other industries where the transportation of loose materials is common.

What are the Advantages of a Tipper Truck?

The primary purposes and advantages of a tipper truck include:

  1. Efficient Unloading: The tipping mechanism enables quick and efficient unloading of bulk materials at construction sites, mines, or any location where loose materials have to be delivered.
  2. Versatility: Tipper trucks can transport various materials, including aggregates, soil, and rubble.
  3. Reduced Manual Handling:Using the tipping mechanism significantly reduces manual labour’s need to unload materials, improving efficiency and minimising physical strain on workers.
  4. Construction and Infrastructure Projects: Tipper trucks are commonly used in the construction industry for transporting materials to and from construction sites and infrastructure projects like road construction.
  5. Mining and Quarrying: Tipper trucks transport extracted materials from the site to processing areas or other locations in mining and quarrying operations.
  6. Landscaping and Agriculture:Tipper trucks are useful in landscaping projects for transporting soil, mulch, or other landscaping materials. In agriculture, they can be used for hauling fertilisers, gravel, or other farm supplies.
  7. Waste Management: Some tipper trucks are adapted for waste management purposes, transporting and dumping waste materials at designated disposal sites.
Tipper Hire in Cheshire

What is a Tipper Truck user for?

Tipper trucks find versatile applications across various sectors, serving a range of purposes, such as:
Asphalt or Tarmac Transportation with a tipper truck hire

Civil Engineering

Tipper trucks come in handy for civil engineering tasks, such as crafting driveways and handling earthworks or service trench installations. They’re great for moving soil, stones, and debris, and can also transport materials like asphalt and gravel.

Landscaping projects tipper truck hire


Landscape gardening can result in significant waste. A tipper truck is the perfect solution for clearing waste from a garden site. It’s also handy for delivering landscaping materials like topsoil, sand, mulch, or gravel to the site.

Demolition waste removal transport with a tipper truck hire


Tipper trucks are perfect for clearing and hauling away unwanted site debris or rubble during clean up projects.

Construction materials transport with a tipper truck hire


Tipper trucks are commonly found on construction sites as they are designed for storing and moving materials like soil, gravel, and construction waste. They enable the safe storage and transportation of construction or waste materials.

Grab Hire in Cheshire

Tipper Truck Hire Service Locations

Acer Plant and Grab Hire have broadened their reliable tipper truck hire services, extending their reach to key locations in Cheshire. This expansion ensures accessibility and convenience for a diverse range of projects. Our dedication to effective waste removal, construction material transportation and customer satisfaction is evident in our extensive service coverage, which includes significant areas such as:

No matter where you live in Cheshire, you can always be certain of low cost tipper truck hire service backed with over 30 years of experience.

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Tipper Hire Service

Tipper hire service vital for all construction projects. Hire a tipper today, call for a quote


Committed To Keep People Healthy & Safe

We are dedicated to conducting operations in an environmentally sustainable manner. When utilising our grab hire services, rest assured that we handle your waste responsibly and in compliance with legal requirements.

Why Choose Our Tipper Trucks?

Acer Plant Hire, a family-owned business with over 30 years in the industry, is committed to outstanding customer service and customised plant hire services for various projects and construction needs. Building strong relationships with each customer, whether domestic or commercial, is key to our success.

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Whar Our Clients Say


Female Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Grab Hire Service for Driveway Waste

Mrs Khan (Bucknall)

They came early, removed all the driveway waste, even swept the pavement. I would always recommend Jack from Acer Plant.

Male Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Muck Away Service for New Build

Gary P (Cheshire)

Joe and his team are amazing at what they do . Their grab and tippers service are an essential part of all our projects.

Male Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Grab Hire in Stoke-on-Trent

Eddy Davies (Fenton)

Spot on Service, called for a grab hire in Fenton. They were there in a few hours to remove the garden waste. I definitely recommend their grab hire service, Thank you lads.

Female Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Grab Hire in Macclesfield

Pat Boon (Macclesfield)

They were a recommendation and worked out cheaper than a skip. We have used them 3 times now in our extension project. Thank you, Jack, for being so efficient.

Female Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Tipper Hire in Stoke-on-Trent

Dawn M (Meir)

We used Acer's Tippers a few times over the year during the construction of the house. We found them a cost-effective alternative.

Female Testimonial for Cheshire Grab Hire Service

Tipper Hire in Crewe

Tracy P (Crewe)

We need a lot of aggregates transporting to a farm. Spoke to Joe and he arranged everything for us. We definitely will use Acer again in the future.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tipper hire involves renting a specialized truck equipped with a hydraulic tipping mechanism for transporting and unloading bulk materials. Unlike standard trucks, tipper trucks facilitate easy and controlled unloading of loose materials at the destination.

Tipper trucks are suitable for transporting a wide range of materials, including aggregates, sand, gravel, construction debris, soil, and other loose or bulk items.

Yes, we always provide a qualified and experienced professional driver, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of the vehicle.

Our team can assist you in determining the appropriate tipper truck size based on the volume and weight of the materials you need to transport. Providing details about your load will help us recommend the most suitable option.

Our tipper trucks are equipped with advanced safety features, including hydraulic systems with secure locking mechanisms. All tipper drivers are highly experienced and trained to operate and drive the tripper trucks, ensuring safety at all times during operation.

Yes, we offer both short-term and long-term tipper truck hire options to accommodate the varying needs of our clients. Whether you require the truck for a day or an extended period, we have flexible rental solutions.

The tipper hire rate includes the rental of the truck and its standard features. Additional fees may apply for fuel, mileage, or specialised equipment. Our team will provide a transparent breakdown of all costs during the booking process.

Booking a tipper truck is easy. Simply contact our customer service team with details about your project, including the type and volume of materials to be transported, preferred rental duration, and delivery location.

Yes, our tipper truck hire service includes insurance coverage for the vehicle and transported materials. We can provide specific details of the coverage upon request.